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My Feel of the 2016 Ford Fiesta as a Family Car

When you mention a family car, what comes to the minds of most people is a big vehicle with room enough to move an entire household. What I was looking for, however, was a small vehicle with power, room and comfort enough for a fun drive both around town and on long trips with my family. Admittedly, we are not such a big number. It’s just me, my wife and two daughters.


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Why I chose a Fiesta

Although it is not stranger on UK roads, I had to seek opinions before deciding that the 2016 Ford Fiesta was the best bet for my family transport needs. Drive and Ride Comfort While the driver’s sitting position is alright with me, my wife finds it a little bit too high. There are, however, no complaints about the head and legroom for both me and my passenger. In addition, the elbow room allows for the comfort of two adults. I also have space for my smartphone as well as door pockets for a small bottle in addition to two cup-holders.

Let’s now get to the more serious business of driving.

Put simply, the 2016 Ford Fiesta may be classified as a small car but it drives with the power and sophistication of a big machine. It has such a smooth way of rolling over bumps and poor road surfaces that my family and I hardly feel them even when we are on one of our occasional fun-seeking weekend trips out of town. For a long time, I’ve not had in my control such a responsive machine as the Fiesta. Although I don’t change cars much often, I’m willing to bet that few cars match the Fiesta in regard to handling. The well-weighted steering allows for precision and agility in taking corners with little body lean. The easily accessible rear has plenty of room for our two children and maybe an adult. However, I’ve had to ride with three adults at the back on a few occasions and I can tell their discomfort, especially on long rides. This means that a third rear passenger would feel unwelcome since he would bring with him competition for the limited legroom.

Family entertainment

Unfortunately, the Fiesta doesn’t have a touchscreen. I, therefore, have to scroll through the menus available in the centre console. The blot is a bit enlarged by the small buttons. Lack of a touchscreen does not mean that riding in the car is such a boring experience. There is a DAB radio as well as USB pocket which comes handy when we want to listen to our favourite family music. In addition, the Sync system offered by the carmaker enables the control of music from my MP3 player or phone by the use of my voice. Additionally, it allows me to make and receive phone calls while my hands are on the wheel.

Final thoughts

If your family is as big — or small — as mine, go for the 2016 Ford Fiesta. There will be a few disappointments but no matter what the paid reviews tell you, no vehicle is perfect. There is so much to be happy about the car, including the ease and comfort of drive, the high safety measures such as the fitting of airbags, stability control and automatic city braking system. The fuel economy is another plus.